The Hacienda

The Hacienda

The Hacienda (a name borrowed from the historical Manchester club) is a indie rock project formed by five members from Florence in December 2003.

The line-up includes Alessandro Gianferra (vocals & guitar), Francesco Perini (keyboards & organ), Donato Guitto (vocals & guitar), Andrea Palombi (vocals & bass), Leonardo Innocenti (drums). 

In 2004, after working intensely in their studio, The Hacienda recorded their first demo of 5 pieces, “About This Way” which immediately received some positive reviews on-line. “…the thing about ‘About This Way’ is that it represents the music of a valid group that works well together and still knows what it means to make good music…” wrote Mescalina. But also Movimenta and Pueblo Rock, Italian and Argentinian webzines, became aware of The Hacienda. For the rest of 2004 the band continued playing live shows around Tuscany when the buzz about them started around the local music scene. In April 2005 The Hacienda won the Rockcontest of Controradio (famous Florentine radio station) which gave them the opportunity to play in May at the Real Live Music Festival at Volkshaus in Zurich, Switzerland. In the wake of these prizes The Hacienda opened for Tiromancino and Planet Funk and also participated in the Station To Station Festival at the Nelson Mandela Forum of Florence. In 2007 while the band was regularly playing around Italy, they continued to win various contests which gave them the opportunities to play in prestigious festivals such as Italia Wave, Arezzo Play, Pistoia Blues, Metarock and Marea Festival. These live shows captured the attention of the public thanks to good word-of-mouth between blogs and social networks. Between the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 The Hacienda further increased the frequency of their live shows while sharing the stage for the Italian tours of Blondelle, The Others, Kill The Young, The Wombats and The 1990’s. The band also received approval from British webzines and radio, including XFM Manchester, which showcased the group for the show The Music Response hosted by Clint Boon of the Inspiral Carpets. Around the end of 2008, the group finished recording their first release “Conversation Less” (Black Candy, 2009), EP with 6 songs recorded and mixed and the studio Savonarola 69 and mastered by Shawn Joseph of Optimum Mastering studios in Bristol. Between March and August 2009, the record was accompanied by over 40 live dates in Italy with some concerts which brought the band, for the first time, in England. The Hacienda played in Manchester, Oldham, and Accrington for 4 memorable concerts and were the guests on the radio programs of Manchester Radio Online and ALL FM with Andy Rourke of the Smiths. The 30th of August 2009, the group was chosen by the management of Oasis to be the opening act at IDAY Urban Festival in Milan with Kasabian, The Kooks, Twisted Wheel and Deep Purple. In December 2009 the band went on a European tour which crossed the borders of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, receiving a great reception from the public especially from the dates in Berlin and Prague. 

The live promotion of the EP “Conversation Less” ended in August 2010 with a portfolio of over 130 dates held in Italy and throughout Europe. Concluding the tour in August of 2010, The Hacienda started the recording session of the new album “Picking Pennies Off The Floor” at the Folsom Prison Studio in Prato with Lorenzo Buzzigoli as producer. The album was mixed at Palagina Studio by Tommaso Bianchi and Lorenzo Buzzigoli, while the mastering was done by Saff Studios in Chicago by Carl Saff. In the Fall of 2010 the band was added to the roster of a noted booking agency, Virus Concerti.

The album “Picking Pennies Off The Floor” comes out February 14th for Black Candy Records and is distributed by Audioglobe. 

Now the new EP will be released on October 9 2015 on Black Candy / Audioglobe, recorded at Fish Factory Studio in London.


The Hacienda (nome preso in prestito dallo storico locale di Manchester) è un progetto indie rock che nasce da cinque ragazzi di Firenze nel Dicembre 2003.

La line-up è composta da Alessandro Gianferrara (voce & chitarra), Donato Guitto (chitarra), Francesco Perini (Tastiere),Andrea Palombi (voce & Basso), Gimmy El Helou (Batteria).

Nell’Aprile 2005 i The Hacienda vincono il Rockcontest di Controradio, che li porta a suonare nel Maggio del solito anno alla Volkshaus di Zurigo in occasione del Real Live Music Festival e in inverno a fare da supporter per Tiromancino e Planet Funk.

Tra la fine del 2007 e l’inizio del 2008 i The Hacienda hanno la possibilità di incrementare ulteriormente la loro attività live dividendo il palco per i tour italiani di Blondelle, The Others, Kill The Young, The Wombats e 1990’s e ricevendo, contestualmente, consensi anche dalle webzine anglofone e da alcune radio d’oltremanica, tra cui XFM Manchester, che li rende protagonisti del rinomato show The Music Response condotto da Clint Boon degli Inspiral Carpets.

Verso la fine del 2008, il gruppo termina le registrazioni della loro prima uscita discografica Conversation Less” (Black Candy, 2009), EP di 6 pezzi, supportato con oltre 40 date dal vivo in Italia e con alcuni concerti che portano la band, per la prima volta, in Inghilterra, tra cui Manchester, Oldham e Accrington per 4 concerti memorabili.

Il 30 agosto 2009, il gruppo viene scelto dal management degli Oasis come supporter dell’I DAY Urban Festival a Milano insieme a Kasabian,The Kooks,Twisted Wheel e Deep Purple.

Conclusosi il tour europeo nell’agosto del 2010 i ragazzi iniziano le registrazioni del nuovo disco Picking Pennies Off The Floor”presso il Folsom Prison Studio di Prato, uscito il 14 Febbraio del 2011, mentre il 24 Settembre 2012 è uscito lo split album con i Wemen: tre brani a testa e un “decespugliatore in mezzo”.

Dopo un trasferimento nella capitale della musica underground, Londra, e un cambio alla batteria con Gimmy El Helou che va a sostituire Leonardino, la band torna con un nuovo EP che presenterà nel tour estivo 2015.


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